cpp11 - welding R and C++

R and S have a long history of interacting with compiled languages. The Rcpp package has been a widely successful project, however over the years a number of issues and additional C++ features have arisen. Modifying Rcpp to fix or include these …

Best OS for R users

Recently there have been a couple of people looking to buy a new computer and asked on twitter which OS is best for R users. There are three main choices you can make, Windows, Linux and macOS. I have used R extensively on all three operating systems. I used Windows and linux when I worked at the Cleveland Clinic. Linux when I was on the Bioconductor core team, and macOS at Explorys and RStudio.


Welding C++ and R code together

GitHub Actions for R

Open source R packages on GitHub often take advantage of continuous integration services to automatically check their packages for errors. This is very useful to catch things quickly, as well and increasing confidence for proposed changes, as the …

bench: A new take on benchmarking

5 minute lighting talk on the bench package, for performing micro-benchmarks while also tracking memory allocations and garbage collections.

RStats tip #3 use pipe connections

Connections, and pipe connections in particular, are a under-appreciated feature of the R language.

Real-time file import with the vroom package

File import in R could be considered a solved problem, with multiple widely used packages (data.table, readr, and others) providing fast, robust import of common formats in addition to the functions available in base R. However I feel there is still …